Ditchu was born on 28th, September, 1982 in Halflong city in Assam. He has lost his Father when he was young. He has 2 Sisters. His mother was unable to provide for his Education so he was put in a Government School in Assam.

Mr. Achang who is a staff member of SCH, planned to take care of Ditchu and brought him to SCH.

Ditchu is one of the real gifts to SCH. Initially he struggled in studies, and was poor in English & Kannada, but he worked hard, and in the year 2007, was awarded the best student in the school (among 400 students). He is the first rank in 9th class in SVM. He entered the state championship in Karnataka and got the 11th place. He plays keyboard and also is a good cricket player. He is one of the best, students in SCH. On 2nd, Jan, 2011, he got the best class student award on SVM Annual day.

He aspires to become a software engineer.

His favorite food is Egg Biryani.

His favorite sport is cricket.