How You Can Help

There are a few things that we need help on on an ongoing basis: like groceries, clothes, school fees, school supplies and so on. There are a few longer term things listed later.

Santosh Charitable Trust is engaged in three efforts: raising about 20-30 needy children, starting an educational center, and helping for the education of needy children in other parts of Karnata and Tamil Nadu. They need blankets, benches, stationery etc.

Regular Contributions

We welcome your help:

The running expenses of the children's home are about 1 Lakh Rs./month. (2010 data)

  • Help in kind

    • Mr Isaac picks up your old newspapers and clothes and sells them for a few hundred rupees every month. If you live near the Sarjapur road area, namely Sobha Quartz, Sun City or Springfields, let us know and he will come pick up your old newspapers.

    • On special occasions for your family, please consider sponsoring a meal for the children. Or if you wish, please buy some groceries like rice and daal for the children. You could also sponsor a lunch or meal for the children during a day that is special for you.

  • A monthly donation

    • It will be great if you can pledge a fixed amount per month towards basic expenses of running the charity. Most donations are in the range of 2-5000 Rs/month. Mr. Issac will be happy to pick up the check or cash. He will issue a receipt, and all donations are tax exempt.

    • Sponsor a child

    • You could pledge a monthly amount for something that is dear to your heart. For example, one of our donors sponsors milk for all children.

    • Induz, a non-profit organization, pays for art and music classes.

  • Tutor and coach the children

    • The children are growing up and need coaching. Some come from non-English speaking backgrounds, and need help with homework.

    • Coach children about various career choices. Prepare children for entrance exams like IIT and CET. They will benefit greatly by interacting with highly educated and successful professionals like you.

    • Any time you can spend with the children teaching them sports, or taking them out on excursions will be very welcome. They need good role models.

    • During the school holidays, or even during the school year, you could conduct art, craft and dance activities for the children.

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